Psykotic Meat

Mar, 2012
Have you heard of EVE Online? Probably not. Some call it "Spreadsheets in Space" and for good reason. Eve Online is one of the toughest MMO’s out there and requires organisation on a massive scale. With the mind boggling amount of players that some alliances need to deal with, the community has provided tools to accommodate. These tools help in the organisation of day to day life, provide methods to properly organise groups of people and display useful information not always available in game (or at least in a user-friendly manner!). Psykotic Meat, a group of experienced players, is in need of such tools.



The idea originally came from Fatal Ascension who provided much of the services needed at the time, however only a limited number of users had access and a number of tools hadn't reached their full potential. Here I enter to fill the gap and take a fantastic collection of tools and make them brilliant.

PI Market Application

The most requested function from the new tools was to simplify day-to-day tasks such as processing Planetary Interaction contracts, the products of which are used to run POS's. The current system only provided manual weekly price updates and manual confirmation of correct totals for products being contracted. To fix this I added daily market data pulls to more closely follow the market trends and provide a fairer price to the members.

Next I added a graph to visually display the required amounts of each product versus the current stockpiles. The primary aim for this was to give an indication to the members of the quantities being sort after and which products there were too many of. This information is collected on a daily basis using EVE's api service to pull product quantities from designated storage locations in-game. Finally a basic calculator was provided to work out the total price for the contracts being made, as these usually consisted of multiple products. While simplistic, this tool single handily cut down processing times 5 fold.

Player Skills

Once a day all members skills are pulled from the CCP servers and stored in a database for use by the tools. A general overview of some of their skills is created for each of the members in a format which makes for an easier read than what's available in-game or through other tools. The basis for this re-design is to only convey the information relevant, not display every little detail. The idea here is to make extracting the information you're after as quick as possible and not have to sift through every minor/major skill learnt or yet to learn.

Player Statistics

Vital to making any plans, is knowing what you can work with. By using fleet doctrines as selectable groups we can view the overall percentage of members able to pilot the ships defined. From here we can produce graphs at will of the current compliance level but also graph compliance over a period of time.