Jun, 2012
Being a massive fan of the modding community and being personally involved on various projects, I was more than delighted to help out the guys at Dino Crisis 1 Source with their website utilizing my 3d modelling/website skills.

Unfortunately production has currently ceased as the group has disbanded, possibly indefinitely, leaving this project in the prototype stage.


One of the key aspects to making a well received mod is to release often. Even if that's just images and videos. Everybody loves status updates and helps build to the hype as you get closer to a more finished product. With this in mind, the media section was a vital part of the site.


Giving the community and voice and a location to discuss the work being produced was a key requirement for developing this project. Having a forum gives the team a direct method of exploring ideas with the community and receiving feedback, as well as a chance for people to put forward some of their own.